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Yes, I'm moving up in the world.  So gone are the days of my free blog.  Not, that there really was anything wrong with it.  But, I NEED to be searchable on Google and other search engines.  And sadly between my flash site (which isn't great for search engine optimization) and blogger, I wasn't being "seen".  I need client's to be able to search the web and "FIND" me.  So, that is why I made the leap over to a Prophoto blogsite.  It will be a work in progress as I tweak it to my liking and add content.  So PLEASE visit me often here: MY NEW BLOGSITE I will be keeping it updated with posts and other fun events so don't miss out!


Maternity Beauty At It's Best | Raleigh, NC Portrait Photographer

March has definitely been busy!  This upcoming weekend is the only one that I have "off", until I get a vacation for the Easter weekend!  The saying is so true, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"...or so I'm hoping!

I'm so fortunate to have family that doesn't live too far away and our schedules finally allowed for us to get together!  I was most excited because I was going to be visiting my cousin and her husband who are expecting very SOON!  And of course that meant I was going to have a gorgeous family to be in front of my camera!

Since, I wasn't familiar with the Charlotte, NC area I asked my cousin to scout out a potential session location.  She did a fabulous job and took us to Lana Plantation.  We were not able to utilize the the colonial buildings, but we still lucked out with beautiful weather and lots of other great outdoor elements!

So, please enjoy the latest bits of my work!  Mama to be looks absolutely stunning and dad couldn't be more excited!

 The photo above I shot with my 135L.  It is a compilation of about 17 photos that I shot individually and then stitched together in post processing.  This method is known as the "Brenizer" method.  It gives an image an amazing amount of depth, that you wouldn't be able to get shooting with let's say a 35mm.  If you're a photographer and haven't tried it, you should!  It is a challenge, especially while shooting, since it is easy to miss a frame of the puzzle!  It also forces you to get to know your focus and metering settings!  And who doesn't love a challenge!?

Happy 1st Birthday| Seymour Johnson Children's Photographer

I have been MORE than lucky to have been photographing this handsome little man this past year.  I've been able to shoot the maternity photos, his newborn photos, his 3,6,9 month photos and his 1 year session!

I have enjoyed watching him grow throughout the whole year and seeing his little personality change.  Along with getting some teeth, sitting up, standing to walking!

I would have to say that the "Grow With Me" sessions have to be my favorite.  I truly enjoy being apart of documenting these changes and milestones.

If you would like more information on booking your own "Grow With Me" session please email me here: Kimberly Dierkhising

In the mean time, enjoy the collage of photos from this little guy's birthday session.  The tie dye balloons were definitely one of my favorites, along with the teddy bear photos.  But, nothing was more warming than his adorable little smile.

411 Wednesday |FRAUD ALERT| Clayton, NC Photographer-

What started out as a joyous moment quickly turned to anxiety and dismay.

Last week I had gone searching online for a "deal" for a Canon 5dMkiii (the camera my dreams are made of).  I like to be "thrifty" with our money, and was really wanting to find the camera with all the manufactures warranties, software ect. But, for a "good" price.  So, I decided to Google "Canon 5d Mkiii".  A bunch of places popped up on my search.  I decided to click on "AJ Richies".  BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!

They had a great deal on the mkiii.  And after discussing the purchase with my husband, we decided to go ahead and purchase the camera online.

A couple of "warnings" should have stopped me from actually purchasing from them, but it didn't register with me at the time.  One being that during checkout a message had popped up that they had been experiencing difficulties with their customer log in/data base and to just complete the purchase as a "guest".  The second being that there wasn't any sales tax on the purchase.

"Click".  The purchase (I thought) had been made.  Then the "receipt" popped up and I printed it.  At the bottom it read: "This order confirmation does not constitute a final offer or contract. All orders are subject to management review and approval.  If there is a pricing, stock error or the order is found to be invalid for any reason, the order is subject to cancellation by management.  All packages require signature upon delivery.  We will email you tracking information when your order ships."

The next day a salesman called me.  They said in order to verify the sale they needed to confirm my address.  Weird.  That is when he started to try and add on and sell things that I didn't need.  He asked what kind of lenses I was shooting with.  If I had pro high speed cf cards, long life batteries, ect.  Finally, he started to persuade me to upgrade the body of the camera, since during checkout I didn't realize that the body I had (thought) purchased didn't have the Canon warranty, or the software.  That is what I DID NOT WANT!  So, then he started playing dirty car sales man on me, and being very brash.  Red flags should have gone up, I should have cancelled everything right then and there.  He was telling me that the other model was made better, that the battery life was better, really just feeding me line after line of crap.  But, he was making a deal that I couldn't buy online.  I told him I needed to consult my husband, it was another price jump and wanted to make sure it was ok.  We decided that we wanted the camera with the warranties/software ect.  Because we didn't want to be up shit creek without a paddle should some repairs or defects need to be serviced.  I called the salesman back and told him I'd like to switch my order to the preferred camera.  And just like that over the phone he told me the new price that was going to be charged.  I told him I'd like to be emailed a new receipt stating that I was buying the warrantied camera.  NO receipt as such ever came.

That is when I started investigating the reviews for this place that calls themselves a business.  Bad review, after bad review, after bad review... I was literally sick to my stomach.  It was past closing time, and it was too late to call back and cancel.  That night the money was taken from my account, and I was unsure of what I was purchasing, as I never got confirmation.  The next day at 10am I called to cancel my order.  The guy on the other end told me to call back at 11am as customer service was closed, when on their website and other information clearly stated 10am.  From that time on I made MULTIPLE phone calls, only to be given excuse after excuse after excuse and to be transferred and told I was going to be called back (which NEVER happened).  Finally on my last phone call I had SOMEONE (they never gave me their names) tell me that they had cancelled my order and that I should see it back in my account within 24-48 hours.  He said that they had sent me an email stating the cancellation...NO email.  "Check your spam folder"....NO email.  I demanded that an email be sent to me stating they had cancelled the order.  NO EMAIL WAS EVER SENT!

After patiently waiting for my money to be rightfully credited back to my account, I called my credit union to report fraud. They called "AJ Richies" on my behalf and finally got someone with a name on the phone.  Now, I had the credit union representative on the phone, myself, and a customer service rep.(if you could even call him that) from the shop.  He was stating that the order was never cancelled.  WHICH IS A COMPLETE LIE!  I told him that I had a recorded audio conversation stating otherwise. (Which I do).  I thought it would be wise to record my conversations with them, since NO emails were going to be sent from them that I need some sort of "evidence" supporting the truth.  I have 4-5 different conversations recorded should I need them.


This whole experience has left me feeling anxiety, guilt, and hopelessness.  I hate the feeling like I have to "question" everyone and everything.  Whatever happened to integrity, honesty, and compassion?  I'm saddened that there are people still left like this in the world.  I guess I had to learn my lesson the HARD way.

Please share this with EVERYONE so that no one else has to go through what I have/am.  And DO YOUR RESEARCH before clicking that "purchase" button!


411 Wednesday|NC Snow| Clayton, NC Family Photographer

It was a rare sighting to have snow here in this area of North Carolina this past Saturday!  Of course like any weekend had things to do and places to go, and we didn't let the snow stop us!

Just as we had gotten the girls ready to head out for some first communion dress shopping for my oldest BIG flakes started to fall.  We didn't let that deter us from our plans!  Most people stay home when it snows here!  But, not us Minnesotans! ;)  Although, I do have to admit that the means to keep the roads clear here is a lot more slim.

Before we headed out the door I decided to grab my "nice" camera..."just in case".  Good thing too, because it was really starting to come down and look really pretty!  But, wait I hadn't planned on taking snow photos!  The girls weren't wearing the "right" outfits, and this only happens here very rarely!  I was in the middle of shopping outlets and we had just finished eating lunch at Bob Evans, how in the world would I get cute photos in that location?  Well I found a patch of grass with a tree, and just shot some snappies closer up.

I was determined to make my husband stop somewhere that had trees or a place that I could shoot some more photos. 

Of course as I'm screaming at him to "turn around and go back, there is a perfect spot!"...he keeps driving and disregards my request.  Now, we were on the highway no stopping now.  I told him as soon as we get to our neighborhood to go to the "backside", which still has some wooded unbuilt lots.  The girls and I hopped out of the car and into the woods for about 10 minutes, I was SO excited!  I was capturing some of my favorite photos of them I have to date!

So what's the 411?  Don't wait for the right outfit, the right weather, the right location...just take what you have and make it WORK!  You will be surprised at what your results can be!  I'm starting to think that the less planned the better! I would much rather HAVE these photos, than to have not brought with my "nice" camera, because things weren't "just right".

411 Wednesday (a day late) | Happy Valentine's Day | Raleigh, NC Children's Photographer

Sorry to anyone who checked in yesterday for my weekly "Wednesday" post!  Sometimes real life activities and events keep all of us so busy that we have to pick and choose where we can put our time!

Today is obviously Valentine's Day.  Farrah's class had a little party and Valentine exchange.  This year we decided to personalize her Valentines of course with a photo.  So, we popped outside with a couple of props, and a fun tutu.  

We found cute little plastic, heart - shaped, mazes at Michael's Craft store that she wanted to incorporate into her Valentines.  I also found on Pinterest a print out of the word "LOVE" that was also a maze.  We filled little plastic goodie bags with some Hugs and Kisses to accompany the mazes.  I failed to get a photo of the final product, but will post the photo and "LOVE" maze that I printed out to go with the goodie bags.

So, I guess the 411 today.  Don't be afraid to get creative!  We started off looking for something she wanted to give as her Valentine's and when she saw the mazes the rest was some creative wording and finding cute new fonts (which I found through pinning on Pinterest)!  

You can follow me on here on Pinterest, where I pin pretty much anything and everything I find helpful, inspirational, fun, funny, educational...ect!

Enjoy this 411, a day late!  Hug your loved ones tight and think of all the reasons you love them...and then do one even better...tell them!

Here is the "LOVE" maze printable.

411 Wednesday | Be A Fountain | Raleigh Family Photographer

"Happiness is a direction not a place." - Sydney J. Harris

Wow, the last two weeks I've needed this reminder.  It just seemed as though I couldn't get myself out of that "funk".  

I would like to chalk it up to not concentrating on myself.  Every time I start looking at some of the conversations that are being had in "groups" on Facebook I immediately start feeling the negative "drain".  Don't get me wrong Facebook is a wonderful tool!  I love staying connected with my friends and family, especially since most of them live so far away.  It is also great for networking and business!  But, often times it is one negative post after another whether it be from other photographers, mili-spouses, friends...ect.  It's draining....

So, I am making this blog post as a testament for myself and ALL of you to be a "fountain", and not a "drain".  Take that time to lift someone up.  Be that smile, that nice only takes one!

I am going to put my blinders on and concentrate on what makes ME happy.  Here is another quote that I like to tell myself often.  

"Comparison is the thief of JOY!" 

That is the absolute truth, and it can be applied to SO many aspects in life!  From comparing your body, your house, your photos, your hair, your car...  I'm tired of it.  D. O. N. E. done!  I'm only ever going to compare myself to who I was, so that I may only ever be able to grow as a person.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Buddha

Here I am, sharing my light, from my candle to you.  A positive message, about being YOU, and sharing your inner light with everyone else.  You can only gain from spreading the joy!

"In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy." - Albert Clark

There is SO much to be grateful for, I can't even begin to list mine...  Let that gratefulness be your source of happiness.

God Bless!

PS.  I'm posting photos of some sunsets, because it shows me that it has been a beautiful day, with MUCH to be grateful for and happy about.  I am a sucker for beautiful Instagram feed is loaded with drive by sunsets!